We are located at 2nd floor Conato Bldg, Miagao, Iloilo.
Famous Landmark At the Back of Miagao Cultural Hall

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Travel Trade Mart-Cebu (Sept 2017)
Travel Trade Mart-Bangkok (July 2017)
Travel Trade Mart-Iloilo (April 2017)
Travel Agency Management Seminar (2016)
How to put up a Travel Agency Seminar (2015)


company profile

The foundation of Pixerience lies on its strong relationship with its operators and its guests. Through bold efforts, it was able to establish strong partnership with both local and international operators, global system providers and various chains of hotels. With this robust backbone, Pixerience has been trusted with a lot of family outings, team buildings, company outings and even National Research teams.


We aim to become a global agency that strategically consolidates various operators and providers in order to provide our guests seamless and picturesque experience


Our mission is to provide a vivid and jubilant travel experience to every guest.



Among its thousands of guests, the most remarkable includes:
Ilocos-Vitalis Tour (2018-2017)
Korea Winter Tour (2017)
Homecoming Tour-Palawan (2017)
Manjuyod-Siquijor Family Tour (2017)
Japan Scientific Conference (2017)
Taguig District Hospital Laboratory Department tour (2017)
UP Students Tour (2016)